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9dz Kidz/9dz Kidz Recordz was started by Tyler Obbagy Canadian hip hop artist also Known as TEE-O. We pride ourselves in keeping the Culture of HIPHOP ALIVE in every aspect of ART that we create  

HIPHOP - CULTURE - SUBSTANCE - FLAVOUR is all the ingredients that we use to fuel our brand. The music that is made is made to have a feel or tell a story that might help another individual going through a similar situation. Not to hate on music that is popularized today but we feel HIPHOP music today has lost its soul and we would like to help bring that back.

Heres something about TEE-O 

TEE-O may be one of the most underrated artists to come out of Vancouver Canada , Since TEE-O can remember he grew up around music. His first memories are of his mom constantly playing TLC, as well as other great 90s R&B, in the house.
His dad, living in a different city, was a drummer who played in a band and taught Tyler to play at four years old. That side of the family exposed Tyler (TEE-O) to a lot of Beastie Boys, Korn, Offspring and much more. Tyler’s own favourite artists he grew up listening to were 2Pac, Biggie , Big Pun , Fat Joe, 50Cent , Tribe Called Quest , Pharcyde , DMX…and the list goes on.That variety of music helped develop

TEE-O’s open mind when writing his own music and lyrics. TEE-O produces the majority of his beats for himself, TEE-O wears many other creative hats as well as videographer, editor, Graphic Designer, Marketer and producer. As well, he throws his own hip hop shows for youth in own community and other cities in Metro Vancouver and the Fraser Valley. TEE-O has had the privilege to perform and open up for artists such as

T.I., Rich Homie Quan , Obie Trice , Onyx , Swifty McVay , Maino , Merkules Snak the Ripper and many more.

We pride ourselves in doing this all independently and are gonna achieve any goal we put ahead of us and we hope you all can join us on this journey! 

Thank you for checking out our website and we hope everyone stays safe in this crazy world we all live in. 

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